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Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional assessment and intervention from a functional and integrative approach.

As a mental health therapist, I practice from a systems model: all of the parts work together and influence each other. I believe this is true within relationships, the world and the individual. Over the last five years I have seen so many more pieces of evidence and heard stories of the exchange between the gut and the brain with regard to health and wellness. So I began to look at how to carry my systemic therapy approach into more holistic wellness.
I have completed a Functional Nutrition Provider Certification along with an Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Mental Health Certification- through these appointments we will discuss habits and shifts to help support mental and physical health goals. We will explore chronic health concerns, relationships with your body and food/diet culture, family of origin influences on diet and exercise and what YOU need today to be the healthiest you can be in all areas of your life.
*Contact me to discuss package options.


Initial Assessment

One hour interview (after completion of a pre-assessment survey of symptoms) and review of results (30 mins) with initial meal plan, supplement suggestion.
Private pay only.

$75/90 mins

Health in your brain. Fresh vegetables in woman head symbolizing health nutrition on gray

Follow up Nutrition Appt

30-45 mins to check in on progress and give additional goals or directions. Interventions include custom meal plans, supplement advice, somatic exercises and education. 
Private pay only.

$50/45 min session

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