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Grief and healing

I saw a post recently on social media, I don't know who said it first or who shared it to get it to my algorithm, but I know the words have been rambling about my head for days. This mystery person said, "grief is just love with nowhere to go". Love with nowhere to go. So good. 


I have often shared a similar sentiment to clients, grief and loss is only possible if you have given yourself to loving another being. The open you are to creating loving attachments, the more grief you are welcoming into your life.


But this simple IG sentence says it so much clearer. 


It also provides a path to healing. Give that love somewhere to go. Give yourself the love. Give it to the part of you that was loved by the person that you have lost. Give yourself that love back in a million little ways. This by no means will squash the sadness that flows in waves, but I believe it will ease the way. Acknowledge the honor it is to be loved and to love, and by extension to grieve. 

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