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The full system reboot...nutrition counseling and mental health.

As a LMFT, I practice from a systems model meaning all of the parts work together and influence each other. I believe this is true within relationships, corporations, the world and the individual. Over the last five years I have seen so many more pieces of evidence and heard stories of the exchange between the gut and the brain with regard to health and wellness. So I began to look at how to carry my systemic therapy approach into more holistic wellness.

I have recently completed a Functional Nutrition Provider Certification (in additional to an Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Mental Health Certification-completed in 2020) through these Nutritional Counseling appointments we will discuss habits and shifts to help support mental and physical health goals. I have learned so many things about nutrition, supplementation, somatic exercises and mental health. I am excited to be able to share this new aspect of treating the individual system to support change for my clients.

We will explore chronic health concerns, relationships with your body and food/diet culture, family of origin influences on diet and exercise and what YOU need today to be the healthiest you can be in all areas of your life. These appointments are private pay cash based and packages are available. Resources (meal plans, supplement suggestions) will be created based upon your unique health concerns and goals.

Schedule your system reboot today!!

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