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What does "Relationships in Transition" mean?

Relationships. They can have so many moments of ups, downs and in-betweens. During the last six months the impact of your intimate relationships on your ability to navigate life has become more clear than ever. Pandemic, protests, elections, killer bees, feast or famine...who we lean on in uncertainty is the essence of our stress response and central nervous system's ability to manage.

When I say "relationship in transition" I am referring to your relationship adjusting to all that life has been throwing your way. Whether it is the positive stress of getting married or having a baby, moving or starting new jobs; or the sad and scary unknowns of dealing with health concerns (of each other, children, elder parents), infidelity, broken promises; all the way to the new phases of life that come with your children moving out and discovering what you have in common with your spouse in this new chapter. As we move to strengthen our bonds and lean into our connections with our partners we learn that walking the paths we are on can be safe and loving.

During couples therapy we will address communications skills, learn to safety express our needs and how to respond to the needs of our partner. Join me in discovering (on in some cases rediscovering) what sparked your relationship and how to continue to grow that connection where you are now.

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